SimTower Star Rating

To advance in SimTower, one must get a 'Tower' rating, after having progressed from a 1 star tower. The star rating criteria is outlined below.

1 0 None Lobby, blank floor, Stairs, Standard Elevator, Office, Fast Food, and Condo
2 300 None Security Office, Service Elevator, Single Hotel Room, and Housekeeping Office
3 1000 More than one Security Office Escalator, Express Elevator, Restaurant, Retail Shop, Party Hall, Movie Theater, Parking Space, Parking Ramp, Recycling Center, Medical Center, Double Hotel Room, Hotel Suite
4 5000 More than one Hotel Suite, VIP approval, Recycling, Medical and parking requirements met. Lobby, blank floor, stairs, standard elevator, office, fast food, and condo
5 10,000 Metro Station Cathedral
Tower 15,000 Cathedral None

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