I needed an HF antenna that would cover more than 10M, and could easily be installed and removed, as I live in an apartment. Therfore, I took my screen out, purchased a hamstick dipole adaptor, a board and hamsticks for 20M and 40M.

     I drilled four holes in the board, using the dipole adaptor as a template. I used a hammerdrill with the hammer turned off, just because I bought a hammer drill instead of one of those wimpy 6V cordless deals.

     I attached the coax. This gets tricky when undoing antennas, since you can unscrew the holder from the mount, rather than the antenna. I'm not sure how to fix it other than just tightening it up every time you change antennas.

     All together and out my window. I've made a few QSOs on 20m, and the SWR is down. I used one real hamstick and one shortened, so I have a narrow bandwidth. As soon as I try 40M, we'll see if it is just an effect of the shortened hamstick. I also run the dipole through a tuner, for the best performance.

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