These were originally posted on a wordpress blog. I was playing with wordpress over the past 9+ months...


Once again, it is snowing in Rio Rancho. It has snowed every week in December. It has been unbelieveable. I have an antenna that I canít put outside because the snow has never melted enough to measure out exactly where to put the antenna.

In a few days, Iíll be back in Virginia visiting my parents. Iíll need to pack my bags tomorrow morning, as we fly out Saturday morning. Iíll work Friday night and the girlfriend will pick me up from Intel to go to the airport.

I am off at NMT until January 8. I will have to go to Socorro sometime before that, but that is my first day back at work there. Iím revamping the ES405L curriculum again, and will hopefully (maybe in the fall) add a microcontroller to the lineup of things to do in that class.

I have been reading more electronic journals these days- I think it is to cut back on the amount of paperwork I have lying around in the house. I read Power Newsletter and Chemical Engineering yesterday. I have been disposing of a fair amount of paper scrap to get my woodstove started each day, however. We need to buy more wood, as we are almost out, and it will be 12 degrees tomorrow nightÖ


Today, I spent some time working out details for the Florida conference in January. I think Scott and I have flights picked out and Iíll pay for mine soon.

I paid the chimney people (CBS) today, as that needed to be done.

I worked Belize on 12 meters today from Bernalillo county. I even broke a pileup- not bad considering I was using a 10 meter antenna. I also listened to another Belize station calling CQ in morse code (but in the car could not respond).

Throughout most of the day, I have been cleaning and doing laundry as well. I think Iím up to 5 loads of laundry, and the living room is beginning to look like a real living room instead of a storage unit.

I spent some time cleaning guns today as well. That needed to happen, as a few of them developed surface rust. I swear swamp coolers are the worst invention ever.

I finished EHS Today (Oct 08) and Samuel II. I have been reading the Sam Walton autobiography as well.

Anyway, tomorrow will be a really busy day. Iíd better get to sleep.


Iím pretty bad about posting on here, wouldnít you say?

I made a bunch of QSOs in the ARRL 10 meter contest. I need to figure out why I get such lousy signal reports using the Kenwood TS-450S, regardless of antenna. I always get reports of RF on my signal. I also need to update my log, DX4win logs, QSL cards, and set up my vertical antenna.

Shooting-wise, I took my M1 Garand and my Sears Model 21 into the gunsmith for repairs. The M1 has just a slight bit of corrosion on the chamber (potentially corrosive ammo?) that causes cases to stick sometimes. They said they can hone the chamber just a tiny bit to clear things up. The Model 21 refuses to feed properly, and that one may take some more time to figure out.

Today, I cleaned up a few things at the old house. I installed the damper in the swamp cooler so that the furnace will be more efficient. I also removed all of the old Christmas lights and mopped the floor in my sonís old room. Iíll try to paint that room next week.

Reading-wise, I read EHS Todayís Newsletter (12/13/11) and Power Magazineís Newsletter (12/14/11) during some downtime at Intel.

I also had lunch with Stephanie today at Socorro Springs (Brew Pub) and chatted with Mom on the phone.

Overall, it was an exceptionally productive day.


Thanksgiving was a bit stressful this time around. I wonít go into it on here, but letís just say someone needs to stay awake more often (and that someone is me!)

Iíve been playing Civilization III while I work on chores around the house. It has been great fun, and I have a fun game going at this point. It will end soon, and Iíll likely put the game away for another six months.

It looks like Iíll be going to Florida again for the composites conference. How Iíll get there, and how long Iíll get to stay are still up in the air.

The Malibu broke 230,000 miles this week.


I played in the SSB Sweepstakes contest this weekend. I did not get enough contacts for a participation pin, as my dipole is deaf. I managed to pull around 40 QSOs on 10 meters and 20 meters.

I also began playing Civilization III again this weekend. I forgot how much I enjoy that game. I have a pretty good empire going right now. Weíll see how long that lasts.

I picked up my Llama 32 from the shop this weekend. I canít wait to test it out and make sure it works. The store bought me a spare magazine for it and made the factory magazine look like the spare magazine, and supposedly the whole thing works again. Weíll see.

I cooked some turkey fillets for Thanksgiving later this week. We had a minimal Thanksgiving dinner last year and it was wonderful. We are on track to do the same thing this year.

My nanowrite thing hasnít been going too swell. I havenít yet broke 10,000 words, and I need 50,000 words by the end of the month.

Tonight, I attended the String Trio at NMT. I love going and hearing the music. My favorite piece was one which featured two violins playing the same song a few measures apart (in time).


What a busy week this has been! I started off by working really hard making a ďWhat is Materials Engineering?Ē lecture for the chemical engineering freshmen. I spent all night practicing it, and then made even more changes the next morning.

Tuesday was my sonís birthday. It just so happened that the Trans Siberian Orchestra was playing in Las Cruces, so we drove down to see them. They put on a decent show, though not quite of the caliber of their Cleveland show. Their non-Christmas music was better than usual, however.

Wednesday was an all day property training course. I have a lot of work to do at NMT to make sure we meet these requirements.

Today, the chimney people come by to work on our woodstove. It will be nice to get that up and running.


Wow, itís been a busy few weeks.

I managed to pass/fail or audit two classes this semester. I still have a lot to do for each of these classes. Next semester, I will take another TC class, and maybe a robotics class in the ME department. I have decided to drive down instead of using the commuter train to allow for me to get more done in the labs next semester.

I am almost satisfied with my ES405L class. The last lab (Lab 11) needs a ton of work, but the other ones are getting better and better. I need to do a better job of returning papers on time, however.

I am also compiling my materials lecture. I have a ways to go on it, but Iím looking forward to it. Some of it I will wing rather than rehearsing bad jokes.

I am looking for a better way to handle my email than my current system. I am also trying to think of a better way to do scheduling. Iíd like to use Google Calendar, but Iíd like to sync it to a handheld device, preferrably my Pocket PC. I donít think that is going to happen, so I might end up needing to pick up a smart phone when I get the chance. Iím not looking forward to that at all, but Iíd like to be able to check my schedule without booting up a comptuer, or having to maintain a schedule in multiple places.

Ham radio-wise, I have requested Saturday night off next week so that I can play in the SSB Sweepstakes contest. I may try for a 10m only station or something of the sort. I need to get an antenna up and running, which I will likely design tomorrow and hopefully put up Friday. I really need to update my logbook and my DX4win files.

Next Friday, the woodstove will get inspected. I hope to be using it in a few short weeks, as it is getting cold.

Anyway, back to work for me.


Last night was a long night at work due to the ďfalling backĒ for Daylight Savings Time. I ended up pulling a 13 hour shift instead.

Iíve found lots of ways to stay awake at work. Lots of Mountain Dew, pretzels during breaks, lifting weights during break, etc. Sometimes I sleep during my breaks too.

I have been participating in the ďwrite a novel in NovemberĒ event, so weíll see how that goes. So far, I only have around 3700 words of the 10,000 I should have by today, so that doesnít bode well. I have a few more ideas as to where to take the plot, so that helps.

This week at tech, I will celebrate brotherís birthday on Tuesday, repair the swamp cooler program for unit ops, perhaps type up my STC memo, finish my last ES405L lecture of the semester, finish grading their past papers, finish my materials guest lecture for ChE110, and hopefully launch the new chemical engineering website. Lofty goals, I know.

I have been playing on 10 meters exclusively at this point. I have a number of DX stations logged, so I hope to update the graphics on my ham radio site soon. I also need to update DX4win, as it is sorely out of date.

Reading-wise, I finished Samuel I.


Wow, it appears as though I only post on this blog soon after paydays. Maybe Iím in a better mood?

I bought a dehydrator for turning food into dust that we can rehydrate original Batman movie style. I canít wait to dehydrate henchmen to release elsewhereÖ

My garden is winding down as the weather has turned cold at night. Many of the plants have died. I need to start making my cold weather preparations (repair and clean the woodstove, buy firewood, buy a greenhouse?), or else it will be a long winter.

The gun repair folks think that the fix to my Llama 32 is simple and should have it working soon. I canít wait, as that gun is so much fun to shoot.

Ham radio-wise, there has been a ton of activity on ten meters in recent days. Iíve been able to work a number of DX stations, and almost every day I hear Georgia and Maryland on the air as well. I tried to participate in this weekendís CQWW contest, until the serpentine belt on the car failed (that I replaced on the 14th!) and my car died. I got my car back today, just in time for the contest to end.

To pick up my car, I biked 7.619 miles from my house to a Firestone in the next county. Thatís pretty good for me!

Reading-wise, I finished an SIA Newsletter (Summer 2011), an EHS Today (Sep 2011), a Modern Casting (Oct 2011), a Power Magazine (Oct 2011) and am still chugging along in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.

At work, I have been working with one of the engineers on site, in addition to training with the manufacturing technicians.

At NMT, I installed ChemCAD (what a pain), and am finally catching up on my lesson plans. Now to catch up on gradingÖ.


It has been a while since I last updated any of my blogs. Once I get into a routine at work, Iíll be much better about updating these blogs.

My schedule at Intel has changed. It is way better. I work Thursday nights, Friday nights, and Saturday nights and a half-shift every Sunday night. This frees up my Wednesday nights to spend with the girlfriend, as well as means that I do not have to work, drive to Socorro for school and then work directly after returning. It will be much safer.

The pay has been great. Iíve been dominating my bills as well as buying things I want. This paycheck, I picked up a 20? barrel for my Mossberg 500 ($99), an extra magazine for my Marlin Camp Carbine 9mm ($12), a drafting table ($75 at a yard sale, $5 for delivery), and will likely pick up some MP3s that I want. I have not used a credit card in two weeks, other than my Firestone card (which I can pay back at any paycheck, as it is 0% interest for the first six months).

On Friday, I had a ton of work done to the Malibu. New front tires, new spark plugs and wires, new serpentine belt, new fuel filter, oil change, and most of an alignment. They were unable to align my drivers side rear tire, and are contacting the manufacturer of the part to figure out why that would be.

Ham radio-wise, Iíve switched back to 20 meters and made dozens of county hunting contacts. Iíll switch back to 10 meters soon, as I expect another 10 meter opening 28 days after the last one.

On Friday, I interviewed several Occupy Albuquerque folks for a Paydirt article. They were polite and very well spoken, even though the ďmovementĒ is very small and I disagree with them entirely.


I picked up one of those ceramic knives that they sell only on TV (and apparently Walmart). It works alright, just be sure to never try to cut anything on a ceramic plate. Two broken plates later, I learned my lesson.

Yesterday, I finished paying for a Llama X-A .32ACP pistol. Iíll try it out sometime soon, hopefully. I also bought some .357 bullets to load up, and a bicycle for in Rio Rancho. I have a great bike in Socorro, but I wanted one here in Rio Rancho as well.

Iím thinking Sixx AM is my favorite band right now. They have some good songsÖ


A lot has changed since I was posting on here regularly.

I have started officially on my shift at Intel. It has been quite an experience, but has left me little time to write. I am currently writing from Intel during my second break of the night.

I finished a number of magazines as well as Ruth from the Bible that I have not listed under my readings.

I will write more this month as my schedule solidifies.


I had my first week of training at Intel. It is going to be exceptionally fun. Iím confident I can make the schedule, and am working ahead as much as possible at NMT to allow for more time to adjust at Intel.

Today, I cooked a bunch of food, including a raspberry balsamic vinegar steak/onions/mushrooms, some hot dogs/zucchini/onions/peppers mix, etc. I prepare most of the weekís meals on Saturday or Sunday so that I donít have to do it each night throughout the week.

I purchased a netbook on Thursday, and am trying to get it updated. It will save my back each day to carry a netbook instead of my laptop. My posts will also become more frequent after the 23rd, when the cable modem is installedÖ.

I finished the book of Judges today. Not too eventful. I also spent a few hours at the Advanced Objectivism class, where we are part of the way through The Virtue of Selfishness. I read it back in 2009, and i understand it more now than I did back then.


Thursday evening, I finished reading Backyard Foundry by Terry Aspin. It was a great how-to guide for sand casting hobby parts, as he focused on making parts for model airplanes and trains.

Yesterday, I missed the train twice, so I drove to Socorro instead. After arriving in Socorro, I worked on this new pump lab I developed for the freshmen class. After that, I went to the Chemistry Club meeting, and then chatted with Renee (a former student) for a half an hour or so before going to my Chem Car Meeting.

My Chem Car Group is awesome. I think they want to make a coal-burning steam powered car, which makes me happy.

After that meeting, I met with Dr. Riley and outlined what needed to be done for Unit Operations Lab. I have a few ideas for what needs to be done, and brought home a few things to work on next week.

Last night, we spent the night in Farmington, NM at the Quality Inn. Today, weíll try to catch the Durango to Silverton steam train, just for fun. Iíll post pictures after I download them from my camera.

9-8-11 Yesterday was a mix of emotions. The morning started out great. I walked from the Lomas and 4th bus stop to the RailRunner station, as I always do and along the way found $25 laying on the ground! Unbelieveable!

The middle of the day was relatively mundane; classes and creating the pump lab for the freshman class, nothing really to write home about. I may have made the lab too hard for the freshmen, but we'll see.

I finished reading the September 2011 issue of American Rifleman. Of interest was a brief letter about a 1911 pistol that was on the deck of a ship bombed during the Pearl Harbor attack. It is inoperable (the grip melted and the slide and frame warped, but what a neat piece of history. On my way home from Socorro, or rather on my drive home from the Northwest Transit Center, I managed to work ZL1BD in New Zealand, which was pretty sweet. I only have a few DX stations from Sandoval County, but now one of them is about as far away as you can be and still be on Earth.

I got home to find that there was no way to salvage the 30lbs of green chiles I purchased this weekend. That depressed me to the point where I didn't eat and went to a not-super-restful sleep, and I'm still depressed about it this morning.

9-5-11 Last night, I stayed up til 4am playing Gun on Playstation 2. I finally beat it, after having played it some during the spring semester.

I also ran to Walmart and impulse purchased a digital camera. It is not super fancy, a Sony Cybershot DSC-W310 12.1 MP, 4.0x optical zoom camera. It is tiny, so its purpose is to ride around with me throughout my commute and take photos, rather than lugging my larger Kodak camera. I picked it up for $84, as it was the display model. Today, I picked up a case and some extra SD cards for it. The case also contains a small tripod, screen/lens cleaning cloth and fits the battery charger as well.

Today, I slept in a bunch (hooray holiday!) and then tried to go shopping, only to find that most stores were closed. I wanted to go to Petsmart to look at aquariums and Sportsmans because I can, but both were closed.

I also disassembled my Taurus Millenium PT-145 Pro and gave it a good cleaning. I am having trouble with it feeding properly, so I figured Iíd try a good cleaning and make sure I put the recoil spring in the right place (it can slide out, unlike the GlockÖ.) and Iíll give it a range test soon.

Tomorrow, Iíll drive into work, as I did not call in time to register a seat on the transit shuttle. This works out, as Iíll likely test out the 45 and the M1 tomorrow anyway.


On Friday, we drove down to Las Cruces, NM in preparation for the Hatch Chile Festival. Saturday morning, we woke up and drove to the chile festival, which has become a tradition for us.

At the Hatch Chile Festival, I picked up 30lbs of roasted Big Jim Green Chiles, 4 lbs of green chile powder, 3 lbs of red chile powder and 1 lb of chipolte powder. I will be cooking up some good food with all of this. This evening will begin the cleaning, deseeding and bagging of 30lbs of chilesÖ..

I spent the evening yesterday sanding my sonís desk in preparation for painting. I did this with a paintstripping paper on my Black and Decker sander. I did this indoors, as it was raining. Everything in the entire house has a thin layer of sawdust on it. That might not have been my smartest moveÖ but the desk will look pretty nice.

Today, Iíll also run to Walmart, Whole Foods, and perhaps a few other places. Itís grocery/cooking day, so Iíll take care of all of that. This morning, I cooked several meals: 1 x Cod and Squash 1 x Tuna and Squash 1 x Tuna and Zucchini 2 x Tuna and Broccoli, Cauliflower and Carrot mix

I have some more meal components cooked up, but not finished yet. There will be much more cooking, as this only represents 5 meals of the 35 or so I cook each week.

I also bought a sling for my Marlin Camp Carbine. I was happy about that, as it needed one and it already had the studs in place.

9-2-11 We celebrated brother's girlfriendís birthday by going to El Sombrero and watching a few episodes of House. I got to play with my nephew for a little while as well.

I read the August issue of American Rifleman, the August issue of EHS Today, and finished reading ďWays of SeeingĒ by John Berger. ĒWays of SeeingĒ might be the worst book Iíve ever experienced, which is amazing considering half of the book involved pictures and paintings of naked women. The rest of the book tried to convince me that capitalism was evil, art should be completely free for everyone, and that I should not question this because the sign of a deep intellectual subject is that it cannot be understood. I naturally rejected all of this and I hate the book. On the other hand, I read ďWhy Businessmen Need PhilosophyĒ, and it was awesome.

I figured I would also post a monthly update:

Books Read: 2

Magazines Read: 12

HF QSOs: still tallying

Farthest distance traveled: Austin, TX

Biggest accomplishment: Getting a job at Intel


I am actually understandings some of the material in the process control class. I have taken similar classes and not understood what was going on, or even why any of this math was used. This time around, I have a pretty good grasp on things like the Laplace Transformation (and thus inverse Laplace) and so on. I still screw up some algebra and sometimes the calculus (particularly if I have to integrate by parts or something), but Iím relearning it all.

I finished reading EHS Today (May 2011). Of the most interest in this issue were the statistics about hand injuries and just how frequent those are in construction. There are all sorts of new glove options to help prevent these injuries.

I had lunch with Stephanie, my former roommate, today. We went to Don Juanís. Itís good to see her back in school and having fun with it!


I finished reading ďWhy Businessmen Need PhilosophyĒ which is a collection of Objectivist writings about philosophy and Capitalism. Many of these I had read before, but there were a few new ones as well.

Today, the train was exceptionally slow. We were 40 minutes late arriving in Belen. Apparently, the storms yesterday knocked out the trailroad signals, so the trains had to drive slowly and stop frequently.

I managed to get a few things done today. I began work on the new ES405L website at wordpress, and I also managed to meet and discuss unit operations, though today was the first of many meetings.

Iím going to have a hard time with one of my technical communications courses. I wonít have a hard time because I donít understand it; Iíll have a hard time because they donít understand it. The purpose of this first book we read was that a) art belongs to the masses, and should be created for them b) reproduction of art (photocopies, MP3s, etc) trick the poor into thinking they are rich and c) if you start your book on the cover, classes will discuss it and end in the assumption that if you donít understand it, it must be deep. Naturally, I rejected all of this.


Yesterdayís class went alright, though I do need to organize my educational videos a little more carefully. Tuesdayís class had a slow and hard-to-see video on wave soldering, whereas Thursdayís class had a great video on wave soldering, but a terribly slow video on reflow soldering. Iíll have to fix that.

I finished reading Mayís Advanced Materials Processes and found two major typos. Iíll post photos of them later this week, it amused me greatly.


So apparently, there was an earthquake (5.8) that struck about 50 miles from my parentsí house. They didnít feel it, as they were both in their respective vehicles at the time. It did knock things off the shelves and counters at the house. The earthquake also damaged the church I used to go to for youth group activities in Culpeper, VA. Star Exponent has more information about the damage in Culpeper.

Tuesday was the first day of classes. I attended my control theory course (I forget its formal name) but I have already learned a lot in this class. The professor is from Johnís Hopkins, which is neat. I also taught my class for the first time on Tuesday. I have a few improvements Iíd like to make to the first lab, but I think it went smoothly otherwise.

On Tuesday night, Grant Imahara of the Mythbusters gave a presentation at NMT. He showed us a few things that would be in the next season of Mythbusters and also gave us a little background information on himself. He apparently has helped build such robots as the Energizer Bunny and R2D2. His presentation was excellent, and the only disappointment was to learn that Keri was married.

Yesterday, I helped out with the freshman chemical engineering class (barely) and attended my visual communications class. I already hate the textbook for that one. We also had an awesome thunderstorm (with lots of lightning) that passed through Rio Rancho last night. I havenít had to water my garden in almost a week.

I also finished reading Modern Casting (August 2011). This issue had a neat article on single brother's girlfriend turbine blades.

I donít feel real great this morning- I accidentally used the towel we used to dry off the cats to dry off after my shower. My allergies are going nuts, and the nearest allergy medicine is still an hour away. Blech.


Nice of the ABQ Bus system to advertise their schedule change. I didnít find out until this morning, and that was at the bus station when the bus DIDNíT show up. Someone there said, ďOn Friday they told me the schedule would change, but no new schedule was posted here or online as of last night.Ē Anyway, I drove down to the Sunport/Sandoval station and caught the train there instead. It looks like their schedule changed a week before the railrunnerís schedule changes, meaning Iíll learn a new schedule for Thursday and Friday of this week, and then have to learn a new one for next week. If you ever wondered why nobody uses public transportation, it is because it is impossible to keep a schedule of any sort if you use them.

Yesterday, I did a bunch of cooking. I made most of our meals for the week and did all of the associated dishes.

Today, I plan to finish Prelab 5, finish updating the computers, finish Lecture 3, and prepare for Lab 1 tomorrow. Itís a bit ambitious, but weíll see what I manage to get done. Iíve started on all of these things and am almost done a few of them.

Tonight, Iíll de-wrinkle some laundry and perhaps sweep and mop.

After I wrote this, the Socorro bus system lost my reservation. I had to get on the train again, take it back to Albuquerque, pick up my car, and drive to Socorro. After two hours of public transportation, I still had to drive into work on this dayÖ


At some point, I finished Power Magazine August 2011. The highlight of this issue (in my opinion) was the Marmaduke Surfaceblow story. They are fictional stories (based on true events) that supposedly all happen to the main character, Marmaduke Surfaceblow, a tough marine engineer. They stories are typically told over a bottle of sandpaper gin, and normally Marmadukeís story starts out with ďthatís not a (disaster, adventure, mishap, etc.) ! Let me tell you about the timeÖ.Ē Anyway, there is a giant collection of them written in the late 40's and early 50's. I wanted to get the book, but the last time I checked, it was around $800 on ebay, so I think Iíll just collect them through Power Magazine.

I also finished reading the book of Joshua in the Bible.

Friday, I drove to Socorro, picking up the Paydirt papers (school newspaper) from the printer and delivering them to the Paydirt office. I chatted with quite a few students and actually accomplished very little on my Ďto doí list. I did have a good time, though.

After work, I slipped out to the Socorro range to test my Marlin Camp Carbine 9mm and a load I had cooked up using some bullets that had no published load data. The tests went smoothly for the most part. I have one magazine for the Camp Carbine that does not work correctly (the spring is weak, I think), and it causes all sorts of hangups if you try to use it. The other two worked just fine. The Camp Carbine is hilariously fun to shoot, especially with light loads. It actually does kick a little (think .243 or so) with full loads. My loads were tested in my Camp Carbine AND in my Smith and Wesson SW9VE Sigma. They were considerably light, but were enough to cycle the action in the Camp Carbine, but not the pistol. From the Camp Carbine, they were quieter than a .22 pistol, scarcely requiring hearing protection to shoot them.

After the shooting range, I drove up and picked up my son and the girlfriend and we all went to Tucanos Brazilian Grill for dinner. For those of you who have not heard of this place, it is wonderful. Itís all you can eat gourmet meats. You have a stick on your table that has green and red- the green side goes up when you want meat, the red side goes up when you want to stop meat service. We brought a ton of enzymes, but as it turned out, there was enough meat there that was dairy and soy free, that we only each took one of each kind just to combat cross contamination. We spoke with the manager (on a busy night, of all things!) and he even had his waitstaff carry out the food as ďsafe for our tableĒ or ďnot safe for our tableĒ so that even cross contamination was at a minimum. It was delicious and wonderful and I highly recommend the place.

Yesterday, we attended the orientation at my sonís school. His school has expanded a lot, which is a good thing to see. They also did a few renovations to the buildings, so itís good to see that they are doing well. We really like the school.

After the orientation, I went to Nathan and Gladysí wedding at the UNM Chapel. I was not feeling well, so I did not stick around for the reception, but it seems as though they are both happy. I also caught up to Short, Jeremy, and Nichole who were at the wedding as well.

Along my commute to the wedding, I managed to run my voice recorder batteries down playing in the North American QSO Party on 20 meters. Iíll mention more about that in my ham radio blog.

Today will be busy as well. my son starts school tomorrow, and my class starts on Tuesday. I need to get both of these ready to go. I will also do my weekly cooking today, so I need to get that ready as well. I think I need to make another trip to Walmart for a few more things, including picking up a prescription.


Once again, I write this from the southbound #505 train headed for Belen. I got almost no sleep again last night, so today will be fun. I will help the girlfriend move a display case and possibly a couch.

Yesterday, there was some brat on the bus who thought the bus driver could just taxi him to wherever he needed to. He also refused to sit down. He was about 17ish and a skater. When he walked past, he smacked my knee with his skateboard carelessly. What a jerk.

I think one of my favorite things about riding the train is passing through downtown Albuquerque and seeing the old locomotive shops and the junk yards. Itís neat to look in the hoppers full of shredded steel and think about what the pieces used to be- and what they will be in the future.


This is my attempt at a personal blog. Weíll see how it goes. I have no idea who or if anyone will ever read this, but if so, I apologize in advance- this blog will likely be boring, and it is mostly for me to keep track of things that happened in my life.

Yesterday, I finished reading the Advanced Materials Processes for August 2011. In it was an article about some work that Virginia Tech is doing on polymer batteries, an article about an award Steel Dynamics, Inc. (a company I interviewed with in 2007) won, and a brief blurb about the ASM Student Board Members, including my friend Zahra Ghanbari from New Mexico Techís Materials Engineering Department.

This morning, I finished reading Metallurgy by Carl G. Johnson, and William R. Weeks (4th edition) published in 1956. I love metallurgy, and this book was interesting from a historical perspective, as it was written when metals were still king in this country. The entire book makes no reference to environmental, labor, or health and safety considerations. The entire book is on the chemistry of metallurgy and a little bit on process metallurgy, particularly in terms of heat treatments.

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